All services provided by Dee Merz

Dee seeks that spark within you that wants to catch fire and light up your universe with color, purpose, and joy



Your first session with Dee is designed to be a pleasant calming experience where your spirit and Dee’s have the opportunity to become acquainted with each other. Your conversation is conducted to not burden you with a series of preprogrammed questions.  In fact, once you have engaged Dee’s services you might not even notice that Dee is already beginning to work with you.

However, you may notice that after just your first session, you may feel energized and full of the confidence that - with Dee’s gentle assistance – make it possible for you to accomplish anything. After just a few sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn the energetic impediments that may have blocked you from your goals. You can discover the leaks that may have robbed you of your life-force.

And most importantly, you can be revitalized as it's possible for these defects in your energy system to be identified and healed.

When starting out, Dee will advise you on how she sees your healing plan progressing – here are two basic directions usually taken:


For most people, the destination itself is clouded by the uncertainty caused by being ungrounded in one’s own life. Dee’s first objective is designed to help you manifest and keep your grounding throughout your challenging days. Because of the way Dee’s insightful healing progresses, the next step is designed to become clearer as the last one is taken. At the end of each session, you have the option of scheduling another session with Dee, based on your needs and the work being done. You are always in control of your progress and Dee intends to always be there to help you achieve it.



Sometimes life deals out special challenges: a medical diagnosis; a disintegrating relationship; a departing soul; a major change in life plans. These are times when there is a specific milestone in your life journey. Dee believes she has a special talent for creating opportunity where none exist. She can make it possible to help your spirit find a way to reach the most amazing goals and help you understand, relax, and enjoy the journey along the way.



You and Dee will have been honored to share a piece of this spectacular universe together. Dee will reveal her vision and insights to you. You will have the opportunity to integrate this wisdom into your daily life and what was wrong may become right.