Gentle, perceptive and highly intuitive...

Dee comes a place of deep compassion and integrity. Her work is right on point as she helps her clients deepen their sense of Self.
— BR, Sonoma County, Ca.

Dee has a compassionate way of working with people’s energy fields that allows for one to open more easily. She is also great at clearing implants and others who have attached themselves to you so you can move in your body and psyche more freely.
— Dr. Toni, Marin County, Ca.

Dee is the most genuine, respectful, powerful energy worker. She holds grace, confidence, and healing energy wherever she goes. I’m in awe of her light and beauty.
— LHD, Sausalito, Ca.

Thank you so much for the work yesterday. Feeling extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement. The aches that I was feeling have subsided. Amazing! With love, Abigail.
— Abigail, Marin County, Ca.

Dear Dee, 
wow! You are so full of deep, deep wisdom. That was a profound session. 
I am in awe of how much intention you put into each and every second... and how serious you take your work.
 With much gratitude,
— Kathleen V., Sausalito, Ca.

This was a deeply healing session for me. I learned key pieces of information. The Big Picture healing protocol gives rise to what would best be addressed first in order to find the pathway to the next level of healing. The healing work brought my systems back into alignment in a way I have never experienced. Coming into an awareness of the energy within me evoked the feelings of a beautiful scene of conversation, love, nature and color. There is an ease and grace that I sense now about life and love. We found patterns heal that I didn’t even know could possibly heal. I was able to explore a long time - past and present life contract with my extended family - that desperately needed updating. My Spirit was able to stand her ground and be strong in her Truth. It was like coming home to myself. A State of Grace Energy seals the deal! I have no words to describe this. I continue to be amazed by your guidance and work, thank you for guiding me.
— Susan M., New York, NY

I wanted to tell you that, since our last appointment, I have been able to ground myself 
in a way that I never have before! In fact, I now realize that I have never really experienced true
grounding before that I can remember - this is huge!!!! Now I am really able to “plug into the earth”
as you said and - wow! What a feeling it is! It instantly creates clarity in my head and I feel all
extraneous nervous system static/thoughts/buzzing release into the ground. When I have a thought,
 I feel it immediately release into the ground rather than hanging around in my head. It allows me 
to really be in present time. I also know this previous lack of grounding has has been the root of the 
instability in my sacrum. This is a life-changer for me in a myriad of ways! So I just want to express a huge thank you to you. You are bringing such healing to humanity
 and I am so grateful to be a recipient.

Tamara T. San Francisco, Ca.

I can’t say enough positive things about Dee and the work she does. I have a degenerative neuromuscular disease with no known cure, so there isn’t much traditional medicine has to offer me. Dee immediately connected with me and got to the root issues of minor and major ailments, as well as relationships and life circumstances. I felt so seen by Dee that I felt safe to release blocks and relax into a state of deep healing. The Bio-Mat that Dee incorporates into her sessions is an extra bonus. I literally felt pain-free after lying on the mat. Dee is a gifted, caring practitioner and I feel she has taken my health to the next level.
— Karen M., San Francisco, Ca.

I want to thank you again for the amazing session. I have shifted in some very subtle ways—like my warrior has returned—and enjoys working out—even my trainer noticed, “there’s the athlete... that’s how an athlete works out...” I even think differently about working out—it’s really great. I think it’s due to the “golden net” scooping my energy up—I can do that every day—so have started doing that before I go to sleep, balancing chakras and calling my energy back with my golden net...Please send me a time that we can schedule another session...I am interested in cutting some chords that keep me stuck. Thanks again, Dee!
— Shannon F., Arizona

I contacted Dee during a time of great energetic, emotional confusion and complexity in my life and relationships. Her capacity to cut straight to the core issue both led to immediate relief from very troubling symptoms of emotional overwhelm and feeling my boundaries were being crossed, as well as continuous healing that evolved over time as I learned to navigate certain troublesome relationships with clarity, understanding and sovereignty. Dee’s skill to both work with very obscure and difficult blind spots in my system as well as translate what is happening in a way that I can understand is truly a gift. I highly recommend working with her as an energetic guide.
— Michael B. PhD, San Francisco, Ca.

Gaining ones mastery of self i.e. wisdom, balance, groundedness is a time honored process with deep commitment and discipline. Dee Merz exemplifies this in her highly evolved energetic interaction with clients. It is a gift to find an individual who is rooted in integrity, follows a light path for highest good/intention and is able to deliver extremely insightful, intuitive and candid healing techniques for spiritual evolution. I truly value my work with Dee. She has opened many growth opportunities for me to release physical, mental and emotional limitations allowing for greater embodiment of my personal power.
— Dr. Elaine C. DPM, Sonoma, Ca.

Your guidance was not only relevant, but, easy to understand. After the session I felt a strong sense of calm. From the moment we began to talk I felt safe. I didn’t know what I would be willing to discuss. Your encouraging words helped bring out what I needed to say. I so appreciated that you helped me get centered before we began so that my minds chatter released. I appreciate the patience that you were open to my method of reaching within to my core. Since our meeting, I have been practicing the skills you taught me. I do not feel guilty putting myself at the top of my list each day and it has brought back enthusiasm. I can now feel the joy that was missing from my life. Thank you so much for helping me to learn to accept myself unconditionally.
— Marie Alana, Chicago, Ill.

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing session.  I have shifted in some very subtle ways—like my warrior has returned—and enjoys working out—even my trainer noticed—he’s like, “there’s the athlete...that’s how an athlete work’s out...” I even think differently about working out—it’s really great.  I think it’s due to the way you guided me to gather up all my lost energy and bringing it back to my energy system. I can do that every day—so have started doing that before I go to sleep and found that I am sleeping all through the night.
— Cindy G., New York

I just wanted to let you know I experienced a major shift after our session last Friday. Over the next couple of days my anger towards my husband subsided a lot & I have been actually able to talk with him & think of him in a non-angry or resentful manner. I’ve been able to accept that he’s human & makes mistakes just like I do. The grounding work that we did enabled me to speak much more clearly. I have a sense of my own empowerment. :)
— Alexandria M., Seattle, Wa.

I sent my brother to Dee when he had suddenly lost the sight in his right eye and was suffering from a terrible headache. We were terrified for him, as this would mean losing his job and livelihood. Dee took a look and saw the real damage that occurred and recommended we see a neurologist immediately. She was correct in her assessment and we did the course of treatment with the doctor. However, Dee’s work with him went beyond that. She helped him identify the stressors in his life so as not to repeat the incident and she cleared his energy field past and present to bring him into a balanced and aligned place. I am so grateful to her for her gifts, professionalism and compassion as she helped discover the issue, energetically balance his system and point him in the right directions for the future. Dee is a gifted healer who I return to often myself, and constantly refer to others in addition to my family.
— Elizabeth K., Energy Medicine & Sound Healer

While it isn’t possible to guarantee any specific results and the testimonials on this page do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Dee’s services, her clients report having positive experiences.